Corporate Avionics Want List

November 16, 2015

Corporate Avionics Want List

570 24929-412 Altimeter
A200S S200-0012-00 SSCVR
AI-804AF 501-1296-04 Attitude Indicator
ANT-60A 622-2363-001 ADF Antenna
ART-2000 071-01519-0101 Antenna Pedestal
ED-551A 066-03137-3200 EFIS Display
F1000 S703-1000-00 SSFDR
F1000 S800-2000-00 SSFDR
FA2100 2100-1020-00 SSCVR
FA2100 2100-1020-02 SSCVR
KAC-952 064-1017-00 HF Coupler
KCU-951 064-1016-00 HF Control
KRA-405 066-1048-02 Radio Altimeter
KTR-953 064-1015-00 HF REC/EXC
TDR-94D 622-9210-308 Transponder
TPU-66A 066-01145-0101 TCAS Processor
TPU-67A 066-01146-1211 TCAS Processor
WU-880 7021450-801 Radar Sensor

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